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Yacine Bourgrassa

Yacine was the MENA Region Managing Director of AS Expobank, Cyprus. His bold vision, coupled with a diverse set of abilities, a combination of global channel development, entrepreneurship, and operational excellence enabled him to successfully deliver his duties and responsibilities in supervising the business development. As an active Member of the Managing Board and a Member of the Executive Leadership Team, Yacine functioned as a force driver behind the Bank’s Innovation and Growth Strategic Plan.

Within a few months’ time, he succeeded to broaden the company’s clientele portfolio. In his previous role Yacine was responsible for growth and market expansion by offering fast responses to his clients’ market transitions; resulting in onboarding regional corporates operating in various sector of activities. He developed a wide network of selected associates throughout the GCC and North Africa such as Law Firms, Family Offices as well as Asset Managers.

Prior to joining Expobank, Yacine was the Commercial Manager and a Member of the Management Committee of Societe General Cyprus, and successfully managing a “Balance Sheet” of more than half a billion Euro. Yacine had the honor and pleasure to serve the SG Group through various Senior and Executive Positions for 10 years. He served as well as a Board member of the Association of Cyprus Banks.

He is a Sorbonne University graduate and holds a BA (Hons) in Management from Sorbonne University and Molson Business School (Montréal) as well as a Master in Financial Management and Fiscal Policy from Sorbonne University.