Preferred Partner With SNMREC

By harnessing renewable ocean energy, it is possible to replace existing nuclear and fossil-fuel with clean energy for the future.

OceanBased is a Preferred Partner of Florida Atlantic University's (FAU) Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center (SNMREC)

The US SNMREC at FAU seeks to advance the science and technology of recovering energy from the oceans’ renewable resources, with special emphasis on those resources available to the southeastern US initially focusing on ocean currents and offshore thermal resources. By playing a leadership role, the SNMREC helps promote economic development and energy independence for the nation.


As part of FAU’s Division of Research, the US SNMREC staff works closely with OceanBased on developing the best, most cost-effective solutions for renewable energy generation from the Gulf Stream’s current.

This Partnership enables us to:

Collaborate fully with the Center where we work with dedicated US SNMREC experts to assist with (proposal development, custom regulatory support, design evaluation, project development, test planning, etc.)

Gain preferred access to the US SNMREC testing and evaluation infrastructure/tools

Our project will benefit from SNMREC-supervised federal and state regulator exposure

US Open-ocean Current Energy Project Development Regulatory Roadmap

Preferred voluntary public exposure via the US SNMREC media opportunities including press releases, documentaries and more