Environmental Benefits

Designed With The Environment In Mind

Other renewable energy such as windmill and solar are intrusive and unattractive to look at (not in my back yard NIMBY) and occupy valuable real estate. The installation of the Current Energy Plant is not intrusive, does not require any real estate and will not be visible from the seashore or the ocean.

We are working with all relevant entities, including Federal Government Agencies, as well as local state and regional authorities and established environmental groups to make certain we are proceeding in a fully compliant and responsible manner. In particular, Palm Beach County could emerge as the governing authority and could establish a Commission to supply oversight and direction representing the interests of all potential customers/consumers.

Safe for Marine Life

OceanBased builds its Current Energy Plants to be gentle on the environment, from the design of the Plants themselves to the materials used. OceanBased Plants use no pollutants that could harm sea life.

The strength of the Gulf Stream current which flows at 2 meters / second, ensures that no sea animals will be found directly in the path of the current. Only our robust machinery can withstand this kind of constant pressure and therefore it will be perfectly safe for the marine wildlife as no animals will come into contact with our machinery.

The materials used are tested and established as safe for saltwater, subsea installation use. The electromagnetic generator does not require oils that could pollute, or cleaning that would disturb flora and fauna. All components are recyclable.

OceanBased Environmental Benefits

  • No emissions
  • No pollutants, no chemicals needed for cleaning
  • No dangerous moving parts
  • Materials tested safe for subsea saltwater installation