Current Energy Advantages

Ocean currents will make an important contribution to the energy production throughout the world. The annual extractable current energy in US waters is estimated to be 1.8 trillion mWh.

Ocean Current as a Renewable Energy Source

Flowing water has a high energy density, which makes it attractive as an energy source. The Gulf Stream has existed since the planet earth was formed and will be here as long as planet earth remains.

Recent research has projected that the Gulf Stream within 20 miles off the eastern shores of Florida can generate 1.8 trillion mWh from the current, enough to supply energy to North, South and Central America.

9 Benefits

  • Works 24/7, 365 – providing uninterrupted energy
  • Provides the most competitive cost per kWh
  • Requires virtually no land use – scalable
  • Has no pollutants or blades that harm the environment or wildlife
  • Produces significant amounts of power per square meter
  • Is not visible from the shore or from the ocean
  • Designed to be adaptable in different environments
  • 350 feet below sea level – below any hurricanes, sea lanes or fishing areas
  • Does not require batteries – less risk of maintenance interruption


The hallmark of OceanBased technology is its simplicity. The energy of the current, powered by the weight of the water is connected to a permanently magnetized generator. The system can be placed in the sea or a river bed through gravity foundations and is connected by subsea cables to shore where it is to be connected to the grid.

The technology allows for installation in a variety of sites since the dimensions of the turbine and generator can easily be adjusted for specific conditions.

The Market Potential for Current Energy

•    New renewable energy should attract €6 trillion between now and 2040

•    By 2050, 70 percent of all people will live in cities; 8/10 of the largest cities are coastal

•    Our current energy produced from the Gulf Stream east of Florida, has the potential to provide 100 percent of the energy consumed by the continent of the United States.

•    Current energy has greater power per square meter than other renewables

•    Even while in early stages of commercialization, OceanBased current energy is one of the lowest costs in any market today

Environmental Impact

100% of electric companies around the world which provide electricity are powered by fossil fuel generators that pollute the environment and that create a serious carbon footprint. In addition, fossil fuels add to global warming and nuclear power plants are dangerous.

OceanBased is an environmentally friendly, green, sustainable, perpetual renewable energy that does not create carbon footprint and does not pollute the environment and does not create global warming. By using OceanBased electricity, our customers will benefit financially and will be environmentally responsible by not polluting the environment.

The Most Economic Energy

Current energy is the most economical and reliable energy on the planet with no outage.

Our current energy without subsidy is the lowest cost worldwide. This depends on the consistency of current flow and distance from certain locales where the intensity and frequency of the currents are inconsistent, our cost of energy may vary but never more than any other traditional or renewable.