Business Model

Simple and Robust Technology

We have been experimenting with ocean environments since 2010. Working with our partners, we have also gained experience from working in a myriad of environments.

Technology Process

  • We are planning to install hundreds of megawatts of current energy equipment over the next 10 years
  • OceanBased turbines will be deployed with a marine vessel carrying several units that will be sunk 1,100 feet below sea level
  • Each unit is anchored with a concrete base plate

Turbine Design

  • Each turbine and generator will be suspended at 350 feet below sea level where our equipment will not be affected by hurricanes, sealanes or fishing areas
  • Our equipment is designed to withstand the constant pressure of the ocean depths and the Gulf Stream
  • The buoyancy of the turbine design allows for the turbine to float around the path of the Gulf’s Jet Stream which is 350 feet below sea level
  • The turbines have a simple design that allows for both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation to take into account the changes in the current direction

Subsea Substations

  • At the seabed there will be a power substation receiving electricity from turbines
  • The electricity will be transmitted through a relay substation which is connected by a seabed cable 20 miles to the shore
  • At sea-shore we will have a further substation which will subsequently be connected to the national electricity grid delivering clean, reliable and sustainable energy 24/7

Turnkey from Current Turbine to Grid

OceanBased has hands-on experience with all aspects of delivering a turnkey ocean based Plant, including:

  •         Permit processes
  •         Feasibility studies
  •         Engineering and design of the complete current Energy Plants from turbine to grid
  •         Scaled-up production of our turbines
  •         Localized final assembly
  •         Installation of the entire current energy Plant, including turbines, generators, and electrical system