OceanBased plans, builds and installs complete grid-connected Current Energy Parks. We provide groundbreaking, cost-effective solutions for renewable electricity generation.

Preferred Partner With the US Southeast national Marine Renewable Energy Center (SNMREC)

The US Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center (SNMREC) is a US Department of Energy and State of Florida designated R&D center at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) focused on enabling the safe and responsible commercialization of marine renewables in Florida, the US and the world.


Current Energy Advantages

The Gulf Stream has been created since planet earth was formed and will be here as long as planet earth remains.  The Gulf Stream within 20 miles from the eastern shores of Florida can generate 1.8 trillion mWh from the current, enough to supply energy to North, South and Central America

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About Us

Over the last 10 years, the founders of OceanBased Perpetual Energy have been dedicated to finding solutions for utilizing ocean wave and current energy that is environmentally friendly, renewable, sustainable and commercially viable. Our mission is to produce energy that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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Business Model

OceanBased is a global leader in the renewable energy market. Our patented technology delivers renewable energy from the Gulf Stream current, providing an independent, cost effective and dedicated source of energy.

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Environmentally Friendly

OceanBased builds its Current Energy Plants to be gentle on the environment, from the design of the Plants themselves to the materials used. OceanBased Plants use no pollutants that could harm sea life.
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Why Current Energy

100% of electric companies around the world are powered by fossil fuel generators which are polluting the environment creating a serious carbon footprint. In addition, nuclear power plants are dangerous due to having to transport and install uranium which is a very hazardous substance.

OceanBased is an environmentally friendly, green, sustainable, perpetual renewable energy that does not create carbon footprint and does not pollute the environment and does not create global warming.

Lowest cost per KWh
24/7 Energy source
100% Environmentally Safe

Why Current Energy Plants...


Most Affordable Price per kWh

OceanBased Current Energy Plants provide one of the lowest costs per kWh in the world.


Energy Risk Mitigation

The energy source from the Gulf Stream is independent and perpetual. Therefore, energy price hikes or power shortages are mitigated entirely.


Environmentally Friendly

Green, sustainable and perpetual renewable energy that does not create carbon footprint and does not pollute or harm the marine environment and wildlife.


Aesthetic Solution

Current Energy Plants do not take up any real estate on land, it is not ugly to look at because it’s not visible and does not cause any noise.

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Our services include providing energy, operation, maintenance, monitoring, security and research Current Energy Park development and operation. We provide several turnkey investment options and models.

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